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"Laurence Cammas: Discovering your Creativity"

"When did you realise that you wanted to be an artist?

It was quite late because first I started working in business. I was an area manager for fashion and luxury goods for Christian Dior and I was travelling all over Asia for my market; I was not happy at all. I was happy to be in Asia, but I was not happy with the job and I didn’t know what was missing. A couple of years later I started to do something more artistic when I started a degree in jewellery making, because I wanted to do the marketing and trading of these products instead of the ones which I didn’t like. In the process I fell in love with the making process and being creative. So I became a jewellery designer and specialised in gold engraving, but this was not enough… there was something still missing".

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"Laurence Cammas is a French eclectic painter, inspired by two opposing universes. Two worlds that she merges together to recreate her own phantasmagorical fantasy, where the happiness and fears of humans beings confront deep hopes, pride and nobility of soul.

From her almost three-decade long experience of living in Asia, in the Chinese world, as in Japan, Laurence has developed a strong attraction to bright and vivid colors, enlightened by the tropical atmosphere; the stimulating bitterness of green tea; the simple daily life depicted in the Ukiyoe (Japanese wood-block prints) as well as the fulfillment vision of a Buddha image.

But Laurence’s work also profoundly reflects her European and especially latin heritage. Symbolism drawn from Italian Renaissance religious painting, allegorical scenes, the fascination of a portrait or sensitivity of a character. Laurence shares with the viewer her own vision of life, guided by the exuberance of the baroque world of Fellini as well as the flamboyance of the colors used by Christian Lacroix, that offers a journey through our emotions..."

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Laurence Cammas - Les Amis Des Artistes

"Dans la situation sanitaire que nous connaissons, il nous est apparu nécessaire de mettre en place, dans un élan de solidarité, un projet permettant de soutenir la création artistique et d’aider les artistes durant cette crise qu’ils traversent."

"Nous sommes un collectif d’acteurs du domaine de l’art d’horizons variés et complémentaires.

Nous sollicitons les collectionneurs de nos réseaux pour qu’ils s’engagent dans notre action de solidarité avec les artistes; nous encourageons les artistes à s’inscrire dans un élan de solidarité entre eux."

"L’artiste met en vente au plus 3 œuvres dont au moins une à moins de 500€.

Il publie les œuvres sur ses réseaux sociaux avec #lesamisdesartistes afin que celles-ci puissent être retrouvées par les collectionneurs que nous mobilisons."

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